Friday, August 15, 2008

Starting A Business On The Internet

Learning how to start an Internet Business doesn't have to be complicated.

Starting a new online business or taking an existing business online can seem intimidating or

overwhelming. But like everything else, if you make a plan and take it step by step, you'll be up and running in no time. No matter where you are coming from, once you know how to hold the mouse and have enthusiasm, you can start gradually.

What you will need to start your internet business will depend on which type of online business you choose. There are some standards that almost all internet-based ventures follows:

An Idea
Do you have a flair for something? or are you passionate about anything? Do you know something about anything? Anyone that is well motivated can earn a living online. You will need an organized idea to start off. The beautiful thing here is that the internet provides opportunities to learn more and more until you become a master on that niche.

An Internet Connection
Exactly what type of connection and hardware that you will need depends on the types of programs that you plan to use. The computer systems that are sold new at your local electronics store or computer shop will work fine for almost any use.

A Website
No matter what type of internet venture you start, you will want a website to showcase your products, services or information. You can create your own site or hire a web designer to do it for you. If you plan to hire someone, ensure you have enough information about the person/company. Ask for his/their past works to aid your decision.

A Hosting Account
This is where your website will 'reside' on the internet. Your hosting account will be a specific
amount of space for your files (web pages, images, scripts, etc) and will generally include email
addresses as well.Site Build it! is a great all-in-one host that includes a website builder, shopping
cart, mailing lists, email addresses and much more.

An FTP Program
FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is how you move your files from your computer to your hosting
account. You can also download files from your hosting account to your computer. Bullet Proof ftp can be a good idea. But if you are designing it yourself, you can rely on the site manager in the software (e.g Dreamwaver) to upload your files.

An Email Client
You will need an email client in order to set up your "pop email accounts" that come with your
hosting service. This will allow you to send and receive email using an address like
yourname@yoursite. A popular solution is Microsoft outlook, which comes with your window package.

These are the basic requirements for a internet based business to start off. As you progress, you will need to understands some basics about web-trafficking, site submission, e.t.c. For more on this topics, visit :

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