Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are You Ready For Online Biz?

Do You Know Something About Anything?

A Hobby? A Passion? Any Interests? Experience? The internet can work for you?

Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue!
Anyone with motivation can make a living or earn extra income on the internet.

So why do most fail?

Because they fail to recognize and act upon the profound difference between offline and online commerce. They fail to realize that a strong passion is the key to successful online reward. And that the only free cheese in life is in the mouse trap; i.e effort is needed in order to comand result.

The Difference!

There is a big difference between the conventional offline business and the dynamic online biz. The number one requirement for online biz success is your passion; that is why you have to plug in your own flair and start having fun instead of working. Pierre Omdiyar, the CEO and founder of, the world largest online auction site said he's always at fun working online. Whatever your flair, I believe you can carve a niche for yourself is you can think contrarily and act warily according to Peter Thiel, the founder of Paypal, an online payment system.

Earnings Offline is all about "location, location, location." Put your business where people crowd by... and you're all set. Get your cash register ready with great workforce for operations.

Online, small businesses fail to act on the fundamental reality of how people use the Web. No one "passes by." They search for "information, information, information" according to Ken Evoy.

It's so simple. Not "easy" (as real business takes some work)... it's simple. No technical barriers to stop you if you will follow the contrasting rule: Provide in-demand information (Content) about something you know in an organised manner, in the manner you think people can benefit from reading it, at least from your own point of view. From that point on, everything flows...

Content - Your own information
Traffic - Your way of attracting attention
Conversion - Your medium of exchange for earnings

Please relax, take your time to explore this website, and find out how you can truly break through online just exploring free info here and through so many other links you can see on this site.

Remeber, Change, they say is the only constant thing, explore your inner value and take full charge of your destiny, it is the way, the way of the future.... welcome on board.

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